Variations: CANCHUS, Rumapmicuc
In ancient Peruvian lore, there was a sect of vampiric devil worshipers called pumapmicuc. They slipped into a home, found a sleeping child, and drank some of its blood, taking with them some of the child's life (see ENERGY VAMPIRE).
Source: de Molina, Narratives of the Rites, 83, 89, 114; Mc Nally, In Search of Dracul, 117; Ralston, Russian Folktales, 311­28; Trumbull, The Blood Covenant, 115

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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  • Canchus — (Can CHUS) Variations: PUMAPMICUC, Rumapmicuc In ancient Peru there existed a class of devil worshipers called canchus. They believed that by drinking the blood of children, they would retain their youth and bolster their own life energy (see… …   Encyclopedia of vampire mythology

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